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Manual of good practices for surface water renaturalization

11 maja 2020 r.

On 28.02.2020, the task entitled "Development of the national surface water renaturation program" was completed, commissioned by Wody Polskie State Water Holding.

The program is one of the activities included in the update of water management plans (aPGW), it is the implementation of the requirements of the WFD, thus being a response to the identified hydromorphological pressures and the urgent need to improve surface water.

The main purpose of the study was proposing Areas Requiring Renaturization and Priority Areas in which renaturation activities should be implemented first, taking into account environmental and economic conditions.

Eachuniform surface water body (aJCWP), which was included in these areas, was assigned potential sets of renaturization measures, but clarifying anddefining a specific mode of action requires further detailed analysis on a local scale.

The document is of a directional nature, and the final decisions regarding the planned renaturization measures and the implementation schedule will be taken at the stage of developing the second update of water management plans (II aPGW) and the program of activities contained therein.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on providing information on the environment and its protection, public participation in environmental protection and on environmental impact assessments (Journal of Laws 2020, item 283, as amended) document: "Draft of the national surface water renaturation program" (with annexes) is made available on the basis of to application submitted by PGW Wody Polskie for access to information on the environment (in traditional or electronic form to the e-mail address: sekretariat.kz@wody.gov.pl) which one can be downloaded from the website: http://wody.gov.pl/strefa-klienta/110-strefa-klienta/696-hydroportal-otwarty-dostep-do-przegladania-danych
As a result of this work, a document supporting implementation was also created national surface water renaturation program, which is "Manual of good surface water renaturization practices" constituting a compendium of knowledge on the renaturalization of rivers, lakes, transitional and coastal waters. Ultimately, it will be recommended for use by PGW WP units.

Manual of good practices for surface water renaturalization

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